Environmental Management / Protection (CAU-AMU)

A mutually recognised programme of joint studies with a double diploma for students from Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU, Poland) and  Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel Kiel University (CAU, Germany).

Students are enrolled in a program called Environmental Management at CAU and Environmental Protection at AMU.

General description of the program

The German component of the program is designed to offer interdisciplinary education, which enables graduates to develop complex, efficient and sustainable management concepts to solve current and future environmental problems.
This program encompasses several fascinating fields of research such as: Nature Conservation, Soil Protection, Water Protection, Water Framework Directive, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Environmental Monitoring and Sustainable Land-use.

The Polish component of the program is designed for those who want to become experts in identification and evaluation of the biotic components of ecosystems in accordance with the current rules and regulations of national and European laws.

In addition to being awarded the M.Sc. degree, the graduate obtains four certificates: Certificate in Nature Compensation, Special Care Species, Economics in Environmental Protection, and Standardised Environmental Protection Policy.

Many of the courses are offered in the form of workshops, field trips, and e-learning.

Students participating in the programme will:

  • acquire skills, assess and apply complex management concepts in order to solve today’s and tomorrow’s environmental challenges
  • increase understanding of environmental sciences how to apply this understanding
  • gain knowledge in natural sciences, including knowledge of methods in system analysis, modeling, geographic information systems (GIS) and data management
  • learn how to conceptualize adaptive management, including economic and social aspects
  • train “soft skills” by working in international and interdisciplinary teams

Students enrolled in the UAM-CAU Double Degree Programme shall be required to follow the following rules:

  • CAU students complete at least the second semester at UAM in accordance with: Environmental Protection Study Programme at UAM.
  • UAM students complete at least the third semester at UAM in accordance with: Environmental Management Study Programme at CAU.
  • Students who have opted for the UAM-CAU Double Degree Programme may commence their master’s studies at either UAM or CAU.


A Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline.  Proof of good English competencies, IELTS 6,5 or higher


  • The first recruitment step is to submit a set of required documents till August 22nd
  • The second recruitment step is an interview – August 28th


working knowledge of German and/or Polish helpful


no tuition for students enrolled at AMU or CAU


4 semesters

ECTS points

minimum 120 + 30 ECTS from the host University

Master Thesis

at Home University.
student may request to prepare Master Thesis at both universities