Biotechnology MSc study programme invites students to explore the biomedical aspects of biotechnology, advanced biotechnological issues and challenges in modern biochemistry, microbiology, as well as cell-and-molecular applications.

The Programme covers the latest concepts, achievements, and methodologies of medical biotechnology. It helps to develop the necessary practical skills in biomedical and molecular biology techniques and project management. 

Students get a hands-on experience dealing with some of the most advanced laboratory techniques as well as sophisticated scientific equipment.  They also explore the everyday challenges of bioeconomy and biotechnological legislation.

Graduates of the Programme will be well prepared to plan and execute research projects and will be familiar with legal regulations in field of biotechnology.

Programme awards a Master of Science diploma.

Selected study areas

  • Developmental biology,
  • Viruses in biotechnology
  • Animal models of human diseases,
  • Human molecular genetics,
  • Molecular therapies,
  • Stemcells
  • Biomaterials,
  • New generation pharmaceuticals,
  • Structural biology,
  • High – throughput technologies in biotechnology  
  • Nanobiotechnology in medicine
  • Crafting innovation and entrepreneurship,
  • Legal and ethical dimensions in medical biotechnology
  • Advanced course in scientific English.

The study consists of mandatory and elective courses that cover both theory and practical methods.  In addition, students prepare a Master thesis which is a supervised, individual research project.

Program Alumni are encouraged to continue their research projects within the AMU Doctoral School and are at the same time well prepared to apply for jobs covering a broad range of institutions:

  • universities and scientific institutes,
  • biological and biotechnological laboratories (analytics, diagnostics),
  • businesses applying expert knowledge in biotechnology, pharmacy and chemistry,

AMU also encourages future independent careers in Biotechnology through its research centers and start-up companies including those operating at the Poznan Science and Technology Park .

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Language of instruction



Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, Biology or a related discipline within a broad field of natural sciences or equivalent degree. Good working knowledge of English. Interviews  covering general topics in Biotechnology with selected candidates.

Application deadline

Admission schedule

Enrollment start date: 2021-06-01
Enrollment end date: 2021-07-19
Enrollment fee payment deadline: 2021-07-19
Interviews start date: 2021-07-22
Dates for document submission: from 2021-07-01 to 2021-07-20


2 years (4 semesters)

ECTS points



Registration: 85 PLN

Tuition fee per year:  0 PLN

Tuition fee per semester:  0 PLN



11 + 15 =


Dr Anna Kasprowicz-Maluśki, e-mail: akas@amu.edu.pl

Mrs. Ewa Jaździńska, e-mail:  jazewa@amu.edu.pl

Adam Mickiewicz University Faculty of Biology

Address: ul. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 6, 61-614 Poznań

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