Thank you for your support - says AMU Rector

Thank you for your support - says AMU Rector

Dear Members of the AMU Community,

Two weeks have passed since our University along with others was forced to suspend most of its normal activities.  As you know, the Polish authorities have extended the effect of these regulations until the end of Easter holidays.  We also receive news that we should be prepared for more.

We work remotely.   Some research work done at home can contribute to results, it’s possible to study literature or create articles.  However,  for all who need experimental research, the period of lockdown without access to laboratories and with all the fieldwork suspended, means a substantial loss of data, often irreversible.

Classes for students and PhD candidates are also switching to online teaching, where possible.

Vice-Rector Marek Nawrocki with the team from Distance Learning Support Center has been preparing the university for distance learning according to schedule, but its implementation, which was planned for months to come, had to be rapidly accelerated.

Only some of us have gone through the full e-learning training.  Even fewer had previously developed classes solely for online purposes.  Technical support teams necessary for distance learning have not yet been set up or trained at all Faculties.  Some systems are still in a testing mode.

Despite our quick reactions and posting necessary links and instructions, distance learning will probably be subject to some temporary difficulties.  Further training is under way.  Rector Nawrocki and the AMU Deans are working provide you all with the necessary technical support. You will soon be able to find quick help in solving any technical issues related to distance learning.

There are many forms of distance learning and it may not be viable everywhere. Therefore, let’s pick and choose the tools that will be the most efficient for each of us individually.  If we go through this now, at least as far as we can, it will make it easier for us in future, when the university returns to normal operations.  Without it we will be faced with a dense concentration of classes, difficult to compensate for.

First and foremost, let us remember about our students.  They are also impacted by the present situation, as much as other members of our community.  They are worried about the continuation of their studies, final exams and getting their undergraduate and graduate diplomas.  So if for any reason, we as teachers, cannot offer them distance learning, let us at least remain in touch with them by e-mail, phone, text or by the social media.

And let me remind everyone about the most important messages:  don’t leave your places of residence if it is not really necessary!  Follow all instructions from disease control services.  Support each other by kindness in words and in actions. Keep in mind all those need help more than we do.  At the end of the day, let us all think optimistically.  The epidemic must end at some point and we will all return to normal.

I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank all members of our academic community for their continuous support and appreciation of the work the entire university management team has been doing.

Best regards,

Professor Andrzej Lesicki

Adam Mickiewicz University Rector



Professor Andrzej Lesicki – AMU Rector

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