Professor Zbyszko Chojnicki's Virtual Collection for Geographers

Professor Zbyszko Chojnicki's Virtual Collection for Geographers

The digital library of Professor Zbyszko Chojnicki’s works is a collection of over 130 of his publications, including many in English, which have been collected and made available together in digital form for the first time at AMU. These works were published between 1957 and 2011 and although some of them have already become historical artefacts, the ideas contained in them are still relevant.

Many of these publications were breakthroughs in geographical thought and formulated new research approaches and theoretical concepts. The works of Professor Zbyszko Chojnicki included in this digital library constitute a scientific heritage of Polish geography which should be known to the present and future generations of geographers.

Professor Zbyszko Chojnicki (1928-2015) was one of the most outstanding Polish geographers, a recognized international authority in the field of theory and methodology of geography. He was the founder of the Poznan scientific school of modern social and economic (human) geography. Professor played an important role in shaping modern trends in this discipline, and his scientific achievements and activities on the international forum contributed to the growing importance of Polish geography in the world science.

Professor Zbyszko Chojnicki (1928-2015)

Some examples of his earliest and latest work:

Chojnicki Z., 1964. The structure of economic regions in Poland analysed by commodity flow. Geographia Polonica, 1, s. 213-230.

Chojnicki Z., 1968. Generalization models in economic geography. Geographia Polonica, 14, s. 251-258.

Chojnicki Z., 2011. Empirical-scientific model of geography. Questiones Geographicae, 30, 2, s. 7-22.

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