Poland introduces new tougher measures

Poland introduces new tougher measures

New Regulations on Social Distancing!!!

The Polish Government has introduced new regulations limiting social activities and enforcing social distancing more rigorously:

  • you may now ONLY leave your place of residence if that is essential for:  basic grocery shopping, pharmacy purchases, work-related reasons, doctor’s appointment, walking a dog, or visiting a relative/family member in need
  • you are allowed to walk in the streets accompanied by 1 person ONLY or alone
  • keep your distance from one another (1,5 m) while taking a walk or jogging for sports (NO outdoor gyms!)
  • you are NOT allowed to form groups of more than 2 people ANYWHERE !
  • while on a city bus/tram keep every other seat vacant and do not enter if  more than half of the available seats is taken


  • if you fail to follow the above mentioned rules, you CAN GET FINED by the Polish Police with up to 5,000 PLN /PERSON !!!

These rules are in effect from March 25th until April 11th and may be extended.

International visitors will not be allowed to cross the border into Poland until April 13th.  Ban on international travelling remains in effect until further notice.

For more information, please follow the Polish Press Agency news, and the Government of Poland.

Photo by PAP/Mateusz Marek

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