Must Wear Masks Across Poland

Must Wear Masks Across Poland
Poland’s government has introduced new measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 due to a recent spike in statistics relating to the number of individuals who have tested positive.
New regulations have been introduced as Poland designates the entire country  one big yellow zone which means that covering your mouth and nose is now mandatory in all public spaces.  The only exceptions include forests, parks and botanical gardens.
Some cities and counties in Poland have become red zones where restrictions are even tougher.
Participation in public events will be cut down to 75 people, all restaurants must close by 10 pm.  That means no discos or nightclubs for a while.
Anyone who fails to wear a mask in public may be fined by the Police or the City Guards (fines begin at 500 PLN and may be higher) unless he/she presents a valid medical certificate stating why it is otherwise harmful for one’s health.
For more information, please follow the Polish Press Agency News or other news portals.

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