I am with you All - says AMU Rector

I am with you All - says AMU Rector

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since Saturday last, the government has introduced a “state of epidemic” in Poland .  I therefore, once again,  call for strict compliance with epidemiological recommendations:  frequent hand washing, avoiding crowded places, using disinfectant liquids for general hygiene.

And most importantly – let’s stay home. The university has switched to a remote system of work so that employees could perform their duties from home.   Anyone who has needed to take supplies or equipment from the workplace could have done so.  Access to our facilities must be from now on as limited as possible.  We must adapt to our University buildings remaining closed, which may unfortunately interfere with laboratory work.  However, let’s all hope it will be necessary for a short time only.

Unfortunately, not everyone can work remotely.  Our facilities require security, regular maintenance and cleaning and that requires the presence of some essential employees.   Let me express my greatest admiration for all those who perform their duties under extraordinary circumstances.  We are grateful to all employees of the financial and HR services because thanks to their work and dedication we can count on timely payment of salraies, scholarships and other benefits at AMU.

I would like to emphasize that we are a public and state-financed institution, so our survival depends more on the timely transfers and distribution of funds from the Ministry rather than on any revenue resulting from other activities.  There is therefore no reason to worry about the our salaries being paid our on time at this point. 

My previous two ordinances No. 431 and 432 are still in effect.  Deuputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gowin is about to announce  new regulations of the Minister of Science and Higher Education.   Nevertheless, there is still much we can all do to limit the spread of the epidemic.

Once again, thank you to all AMU employees – academic teachers and staff alike – as well as students for understanding the seriousness of the situation. I especially thank those members of our staff who dedicate themselves to keeping our facilities and essential processes running, serving with distinction for the benfit of all of us. 

Let us also remember to support those in need, express mutual friendship and solidarity, and against all odds, let us think optimistically about the future.

I am standing by and with you in these difficult times !

Andrzej Lesicki, Rector

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

Professor Andrzej Lesicki, Adam Mickiewicz University Rector

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