Holiday Greetings from AMU

Holiday Greetings from AMU

Dear AMU International Students, Staff and Visitors,

This year’s Christmas Holidays will certainly be different from the traditional holiday break the Poles are used to.  Restrictions imposed on public gatherings, shopping, accessibility of social meeting places (cafes, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters) will make this Holiday period a much more private and secluded occassion.

That is another reason for us to wish you good health, patience and perhaps reconnecting with your inner-selves during the upcoming days of Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations.  Let us all enjoy the few days off we have, to think about our loved ones and strongly hope to see them again, laugh, hug and celebrate being together.

Have a relaxing holiday, stay safe!    And when you have a moment, please check out an interesting article by Szymon Pifczyk (Notes from Poland) describing who brings your Christmas presents depending on where in Poland are you located.

Also, make sure you read about some of the Polish Christmas traditions in the Kerry Kubilius article found at TripSavvy.

Have a good Holiday, Everybody!

Important information on post-Christmas lockdown in Poland

In light of the recent government announcements regarding new stricter guidelines for us to follow from December 28th until (at least) January 17th, please make sure you understand what is being introduced and how:

  1. Notes from Poland article
  2. Polish Press Agency article

Large shopping malls will be closed again with the exception of foodstores, drugstores, pharmacies and bookstores as well as furniture stores.

Remember to stay indoors on New Year’s Eve night (Dec.31st), as part of the newly imposed regulation says that between 7 pm and 6 am only people with a justified reason may appear in the streets.  It means, you may only go out that night for essential food shopping, an emergency medical reason, pharmacy visit, walking your dog (if you have one) or for work. 

Please, be careful, as for example buying wine or liquor or shooting some fireworks in the street that night will not be considered essential by the police and you may be fined, so make sure you avoid that.

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