Full-time Student Financial Aid Application Process

Full-time Student Financial Aid Application Process

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Application for financial aid extended with the framework of the Student Package

The amount of financial aid granted in lieu of loss of income (employment or other paid activity) due to regulations issued by public authorities concerning economic activity as a result of announcing a state of epidemic, is 50% of the maximum rate and may be increased in the case of persons receiving a social grant if their documented financial situation justifies it. Only full time students (full BA/MA programs) are eligible to apply.

Students wishing to apply for the aid should:

  • create an electronic aid application form in the USOSweb system, fill it in and register it,
  • send an e-mail to the Student Office Coordinator from the address in the students’ e-mail system (st.amu.edu.pl), to which scans of the documents (PDF files) that are the basis for applying for financial aid should be attached,

When the sanitary and epidemiological situation has been normalized and teaching at the university has been resumed, the student should submit to the Student Office the originals of the application and documents, the scans of which were previously sent by the student in electronic form.

Loss of employment or cessation of payment of salaries (earnings) should be documented/confirmed by the employer who should issue a relevant certificate (applies to applications for social grant and financial aid submitted for this reason). Certificates sent by e-mail are acceptable.

NOTE: Applications are deemed to have been submitted when the electronic aid application forms have been registered in the USOSweb system and the above-mentioned messages with attachments have been sent electronically.

Processing of applications:

After the Student Office Coordinator has received the electronic message(s) with attachments, the Student Office employee confirms the receipt of the application(s) and – upon analysis of the documents:

  • if any deficiencies are found, requests the applicant to resend complete documents; such requests will be e-mailed to the e-mail address in the students’ e-mail system (st.amu.edu.pl),
  • gives the application(s) the “Accepted” status,
  • gives the relevant applications “Ready for consideration” status.

During the period of suspension of classes, the applications are examined by the Chair of the Sub-Committee, a Student Office employee who is a member of the Faculty Sub-Committee and members of the Sub-Committee.

For this purpose, the possibilities of remote work are used; in particular the Student Office Coordinator or Student Office employee distributes the documents received in the electronic form to the members of the Sub-Committee.

Since the University is the data controller, electronic documents may be made available to members of the Sub-Committee only in the mails directed to the addresses in the electronic mail systems for employees and students.

Sub-Committee members make recommendations to the Sub-Committee Chair who prepares the decision or has it prepared by a Sub-Committee member – a Student Office employee.

The Sub-Committees operate on a continuous basis – the time for making recommendations to the Chair cannot exceed 3 working days from the date of sending the documents. No action taken by the Sub-Committee is deemed as a positive recommendation.

Decisions are made by the majority of positive recommendations.

For further information, please e-mail your Student Service Points at respective Dean’s Offices (“Biuro Obsługi Studenta”) or contact one of the following staff members at the Education Support Center (“Centrum Wsparcia Kształcenia): mongra2@amu.edu.pl, alemod@amu.edu.pl, rachp@amu.edu.pl .

With regards,

Bogumiła Kaniewska

AMU Vice-Rector for Student Affairs

e-mail:  kanbo@amu.edu.pl

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