Foundations of Polish Law-new handbook in English

Foundations of Polish Law-new handbook in English

The long-anticipated, new handbook of Polish Law is already available in English for AMU students of European Legal Studies, as well as students, lawyers and legal experts from all over the world!


The “Foundations of Law: the Polish Perspective” has been recently published by Wolters Kluwer publishing house.


This publication is the joint work of lecturers and researchers of the AMU Faculty of Law and Administration.

“Foundations of Law: The Polish Perspective” covers a range of issues forming the core of academic legal education in Poland. It provides basic knowledge about Polish law and Polish legal culture, and constitutes an innovative introduction to the European approach to the concept of law, legal reasoning, recent challenges and the problems of legal development.

The book contains nineteen chapters, the aim of each being to give an understandable presentation and discussion of a specific area of law. The early chapters present an overview of the historical foundations of Polish law and the Polish theory and philosophy of law. The following chapters present private, public, criminal and economic law as it is inforced in Poland.

Diagrams have been included to increase clarity of the text and some contributions are supplemented with case studies. Further reading in other languages recommended by the authors of individual chapters will facilitate a more in-depth understanding of Polish law and Polish legal culture as a part of the tradition of civil law, which is currently also a reflection of the legislative activity of the European Union.


The graphic concept of the book is also unique. Its author is Agata Kulczyk, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Information Graphics Studio, Department of Visual Communication at the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan.


More about this book (including sample pages) here

You may order this book online.



Photos by Weronika Trojanowska


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