Dr Dawid Frąckowiak to speak at a TEDx event May 16th

Dr Dawid Frąckowiak to speak at a TEDx event May 16th

Dawid Frąckowiak, PhD, from the Centre for Advanced Technologies of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, has been proposed and selected to speak May 16, 2021 at a TEDx event organized by the Medical University of Poznan as part of the TED organization in Poland.

The topic of the Dr. Frąckowiak’s presentation will be about the idea of mechanochemistry, i.e. conducting chemical reactions without solvents, using mechanical forces.

– Since TED talks are supposed to emphasize ideas and their role in shaping the present and the future, in my speech I will talk about the phenomenon of mechanochemistry and its use in simple, fast, ecological and accessible to almost anyone synthesis – announces Dr. Dawid Frąckowiak.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design – three areas that together shape our world. The TED conference presents important ideas from each discipline and reveals how they are connected. Attendees and speakers from very different fields can meet and inspire each other. TED’s flagship conference is held annually on the northwest coast of the United States. It covers science, business, arts, technology and global issues. Eighteen-minute speeches are interspersed with short presentations, including music, performances and entertainment. As part of TED in Poland, there is a TEDx event, whose speaker will be Dr. Dawid Frąckowiak.

Dr. Dawid Frąckowiak works as an assistant professor at the Centre for Advanced Technologies of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. For the last three years he has been leading a Sonata 13 research grant of the National Science Center, in which he deals with the use of mechanochemistry in the synthesis of caged silicon, boron and phosphorus compounds. A passionate scientist and science popularizer, he collaborates with student organizations across the country. An avid fan of energetic and accessible didactics, he loves public speaking, in which he talks about his scientific interests and research results in an accessible way.

The AMU based scientist was selected for TEDx based on an interview and a sample presentation. The event is scheduled for May 16 at the Medical University of Poznan.

TEDx will be streamed online and the talks will then be published on YouTube.

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