AMU Rector's Communiqué on COVID-19 Procedures

AMU Rector's Communiqué on COVID-19 Procedures

Official University Statement on Coronavirus Procedures for Academics, Staff and Students

Adam Mickiewicz University Rector, professor Andrzej Lesicki has issued an important statement covering AMU procedures introduced to minimize the risk of exposing the AMU community to potential spread of the COVID-19.

In the letter to our Academic Community, introducing new procedures, AMU Rector says:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Adam Mickiewicz University Community of Students, Teachers and Staff,
during the twelve years of my tenure, initially as AMU Vice-Rector for Human Resources, and now as Rector, and since I have been responsible for work and study conditions of employees, PhD candidates and students of our University, we have not faced a situation as challenging as the one we are faced with at present.
However, I would like to assure everyone who is worried or frightened by news coming from many parts of the world, that we at Adam Mickiewicz University, are committed to your wellbeing and together with my team, we are constantly thinking how to ensure the highest standards of healthy and safe conduct for all members of the AMU Academic Community.
For now, classes, seminars, conferences and university events have been suspended. We also introduce  measures to suspend international travels of our students, employees and visitors. I hope that in this way we will limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
Much, however, depends on ourselves – on honest and direct compliance with the recommendations of medical services regarding personal hygiene and limiting contacts with other people.  If we can – let’s stay at home or where we live, avoid crowded places such as cafes, pubs, clubs and other public venues. It is also important that we do not underestimate any disturbing symptoms of our health, monitor closely all signs, and use the recommended forms of sanitary and epidemiological assistance, provided by the authorities.
The current threat, which we are afraid of, should not lead us to any hasty actions or to spread panic. On the contrary – let’s think about those who have fallen ill, those who need support and help each other get through this.
I have made some recommendations in the Communiqué issued March 11th, 2020 – No. 431/2019/2020 on preventing the spread of COVID-19 virus among students, faculty and staff of the Adam Mickiewicz University  in Poznan.  Other recommendations can be found on our websites.
Vice Rector for student affairs, professor Bogumiła Kaniewska also monitors the situation and has confirmed that our University will work on creating conditions for the successful continuation of study programs and completion of the academic year for all students.
I would like to inform you that the temporary suspension of teaching classes and other meetings in larger groups at AMU does not mean the suspension of the University’s entire activities. The university administrative staff  works normally.  I encourage academic teachers to contact students remotely, and – in view of the possible necessity of extending the suspension period in future – to immediately start preparations for online teaching using e-learning platforms.
Researchers and faculty members in teaching positions up until now, may devote more time  to intensify research work and develop new publications.  Employees who are not academic teachers should also perform their duties in a way agreed upon with their immediate supervisors.
The recent closing of day care centers, kindergartens and schools may create some problems for our employees who are also parents to provide care for their children.  Let me assure everyone that whenever possible, the University will try to help all those in need by creating favorable and flexible working conditions.
This difficult situation also falls in a special period in our university life as elections of new university management are underway. For now, the University Electoral Commission does not see the need to change their schedule. But if this happens, I would like to assure you that we are preparing for the possibility of making changes to the election calendar.
Overall, let’s remain optimistic. The pandemic – although it may gain momentum in the coming days – will eventually end.
So let’s do everything to go through this difficult period together and with the hope of a quick return to normal activities.

Professor Andrzej Lesicki

Adam Mickiewicz University Rector

Professor Bogumiła Kaniewska

Adam Mickiewicz University Vice Rector for Student Affairs

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