1,68 million PLN for AMU Erasmus+ Mobility with Global Partners

1,68 million PLN for AMU Erasmus+ Mobility with Global Partners

We already know the results of the competition for Erasmus grant KA107. This year the Adam Mickiewicz University received over 1,68 million PLN.

– This is the largest grant we have received since the beginning of our participation in the project, counting last 6 years – says professor Tomasz Brańka – AMU Erasmus+ coordinator in an interview conducted in Polish by Magda Ziółek from Życie Uniwersyteckie magazine.

Here is the English translation of the interview by Marcin Witkowski.


Please explain the idea behind Erasmus KA107?

This component of the Erasmus+ programme means the opportunity to organize and coordinate mobility with all non-European partner countries, to put it simply.  The first call for applications took place in 2014. Our University has successfully participated in each of the previous editions of the programme since then.


Which non-European countries are we talking about?

Almost all countries in the world can apply for mobility. This year’s edition made it possible to apply for cooperation schemes with more than 150 countries, which were divided into 14 regions. That inclueds practically the entire globe from Canada to Australia.


What is the application procedure in this program?

Each university can only prepare one application. This year, we submitted an almost 500-page long document with mobility grants planned to 31 countries. Unlike the classic “EU” Erasmus+, here we need to describe precisely which universities we want to conduct our exchange with, demonstrate the rationale for such cooperation and present our previous experiences with a particular partner. Each country is evaluated separately according to 4 categories. This year we have received funding for mobility with each of the 31 countries we applied for, and overall, our application has been awarded the maximum number of points.


This is a success!

Unfortunately, the funding for Poland as a whole is still too low, taking into consideration how popular the program is.  This year’s grant for Poland amounted to almost 13 million Euro, but applications from Polish universities amounted to over 77 million Euro in total. This year 139 Polish universities competed for these mobility grants.


Who gets the grants?

Our University received grants for 130 individual mobilities, which include both students (46 places) and researchers (84 places). The list includes (among others): Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Cameroon, India, Japan, Nepal, Taiwan, South Africa and the United States. It is important, however, to realize that the grants awarded cover both people incoming and outgoing from our University to partner countries.


And how does the pandemic affect this program and will the money be lost if these trips are not completed in the nearest future?

The contract is signed for 24 months. We hope that during this period the situation will improve so that mobilities will be both possible and safe. This year we managed to successfully extend the current edition of the grant so we remain optimistic in this respect.


For more information, please contact the International Office-Erasmus+ Section.

Professor Tomasz Brańka, AMU Program Coordinator

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