Poznań has many sports and leisure centers offering plenty of opportunities to spend your free time. It is the site of over 40 parks and more than 100 green areas. Four large lakes (Malta, Kiekrz, Rusałka and Strzeszyn) are located within the city limits. Situated nearly in the city center Lake Malta is the site of one of the world’s most advanced regatta courses. There is a skiing slope open all year long. You can play minigolf here, use the summer luge track or a special pontoon to slide down the hill, you can also roller-skate or ride a bike. Malta is a popular venue for music concerts (it has featured Nelly Furtado and Buena Vista Social Club) and outdoor theatre performances. The narrow-gauge train along the Lake’s northern shore will take you all the way to the New Zoo. To see any of its two thousand animals (some 140 species), simply follow any of the three designated routes. One of Europe’s largest elephant enclosures opened here in 2009. The city is home to multitude of sport facilities which serve its residents as well as professional athletes. Poznań offers ample space for jogging, cycling, horse riding walking and swimming (including the university swimming pool in the Morasko Campus). Many of its sports facilities have been recently renovated. The modern Municipal Stadium is slated to hold the UEFA Euro 2012 football championship.


During your time off, choose among Poznań’s many restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs. Particularly charming atmosphere awaits you in the Old Market Square area. It is the centre of night life in Poznań, during warmer months the Market Square is crowded with open-air restaurants and pubs. There is also plenty of places dispersed all around the Old Town. There is an enormous variety of places from small, cozy cafes to very popular student’s pubs like Kisielice, Dragon, W Starym Kinie and many more. For club music, visit SQ Klub in the cellars of the Old Brewery to enjoy disco, funk, soul and many other genres. Several clubs hold regular events with resident DJs and guests .The jazzy Blue Note, concert Eskulap, dancing Browar Pub, fiery Muchos Patatos Latin Club and dozens of others are waiting!


Poznań is a city of music, theatre, visual arts and design. The Opera House attracts renown directors and soloists, Two former Adam Mickiewicz student theatres are top avant-garde theatres. Under communism, Teatr Ósmego Dnia (Theatre of the Eight Day) was the most famous of the underground alternative theatre groups. It is not only a legend. Teatr Biuro Podróży (Travel Agency Theatre) is one of the world’s best known Polish outdoor theatre groups. There is hardly a festival the world to which it was not invited as a star theatre company. You can also see interesting performances in two drama theatres in Poznań Teatr Nowy and Teatr Polski.


There is a large multiplex cinema in Poznań, the Cinema City located on the outskirts of the city together with several bars, restaurants, billiard rooms and go-cart track. Two buildings of the Multikino are situated closer to the city centre, one is located in Stary Browar Shopping Center. There are also several single cinemas, including smaller ones (Amarant, Muza, Apollo) with a more diverse and ambitious offer targeted at young people and students.  Movies in polish cinemas are not dubbed – polish subtitles accompany the original soundtrack. Cinema tickets cost between 12 PLN to 25 PLN


If you are interested in art and history you will not be disappointed! Poznań is one of most active and creative centres of modern fine arts and design in Poland. The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań is the biggest in Poland. Stary Browar is Poland’s most interesting new shopping mall, combining shops with galleries and cultural entertainment. Poznań also takes pride in its numerous museums. If you want to get to know, more, visit www.poznan.pl

With your student ID card, you can buy tickets with reduced price in all cinemas, theatres, opera houses and museums.

Being in Poznań gives you an opportunity to take part in lots of interesting artistic evens:

  • In late June and early July, Poznań turns into a large stage for theater performances and projects. The Malta International Theatre Festival attracts theatre groups from all across the world. The venues are city streets, the Old Market Square, Lake Malta as well as a number of interiors often unrelated to theatre. The festival ends with a large musical show.


  • The highly popular Masks International Theatre Festival is targeted mainly at young audiences and fans of alternative theatres.


  • Every five years, the capital of Wielkopolska holds the world’s oldest Henryk Wieniawski International Violin Competition accompanied by the International Violin-Making Competition.
  • In August, dance lovers may take part in the International Contemporary Dance Workshop organized by the Polish Dance Theatre/Poznań Ballet. Top teachers and dancers from around the world offer dance workshops at various levels and courses in the theory of contemporary dance,


  • A major musical event is the International Boys’ Choir Festival whose audiences are charmed by choirs from around the world.


  • A highly popular Saint John’s Fair brings together master artistic craftsmen, hobbists and antique collectors from all over Poland. Make sure to experience the Poznań way to celebrate the annual August Days of the Bambers, a community that arrived to this town over two centuries ago from the German Region of Bamberg to make it their permanent home.
  • The Autumn provides an opportunity to celebrate Saint Martin Street Day. On November 11th, a colourful parade sets off on a march down the Saint Martin Street. The City Mayor hands over the city gate key to Saint Martin who arrives on a white horse. The holiday is an opportunity to make sweet croissants which, as legend says, have been shaped after a horseshoe from saint Martin’s horse.


  • This is also a time to hold Saint Martin’s Antiques Fair that should not be missed by any lover of old items with character.

For more information on Poznań’s preparations to become the European Capital of Culture in 2016,
See www.2016poznan.pl