Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees updated in April 2021


MAJOR MINOR (specialization)
1. Central European and Balkan Studies   3 000 PLN
2. English Studies English Linguistics: Theories, Interfaces, Technologies 0 PLN
3. English Studies Literature and Culture 0 PLN
4. European Legal Studies   3 000 PLN
5. Polish Studies for International Students (in Polish) 3 000 PLN
6. German Studies @COLLEGIUM POLONICUM* Intercultural communication (in GERMAN) 3 000 PLN
7. Liberal Arts and Sciences   1 500 PLN
8. Applied Linguistics (ALIC)
Intercultural Communication 3 000 PLN
9. International Relations   3 000 PLN


1. Applied Linguistics Empirical Linguistics and Language Documentation 3 000 PLN
2. Balkan Studies   3 000 PLN
3. Biotechnology   0 PLN
4. Chemistry   3 000 PLN
5. Cultural Studies Intercultural communication 0 PLN
6. Cultural Studies (@Collegium Polonicum) Intercultural communication (in GERMAN) 0 PLN
7. Digital Entrepreneurship (@Collegium Polonicum)  0 PLN
8. Ethnology Cultural Differences and Transnational Process 0 PLN
9. Environmental Protection   0 PLN
10. English Studies Language, Mind, Technology* 0 PLN
11. English Studies Language and Communication in Healthcare* 0 PLN
12. International Relations   3 000 PLN
13. Journalism and Social Communication   3 000 PLN
14. Mathematics   3 000 PLN
15. Mediterranean Studies   3 000 PLN
16. Physics Physics of Advanced Materials for Energy Processing 1 500 PLN
17. Public Governance   3 000 PLN

Studies in English

  • Full-time day studies  – from 0 PLN to 3000 PLN / semester
  • Enrollment fee is  85 PLN.

Studies in Polish

  • Enrollment fee is PLN 85.

The payment can be made directly via SIR

  • Full-time day studies in Polish – 3000 PLN / semester
  • Part-time studies in Polish – according to the regulation 

No tuition for full-time studies in Polish is charged in the case of foreigners who:

  • are citizens of EU Member States, Swiss Confederacy or members of European Free Trade Association – a party to European Economic Area agreement and members of their families living in the Republic of Poland;
  • have been granted permanent stay permit or EU long-term resident;
  • have been granted temporary stay permit in the Republic of Poland in connection with circumstances specified in the act of 12 December 2013 on foreigners (Foreigners Act)
    • Article 159(1) (joining your family)
    • Article 186(1)(3 or 4) (due to other circumstances – holding a long-term EU resident status granted by other EU Member State or being a member of foreigner’s family specified in Article 186(1)(3) with whom you are staying in another EU Member State and you accompany him/her or you want to join him/her)
  • have a refugee status granted in the Republic of Poland, temporary protection or subsidiary protection in the Republic of Poland
  • hold a certificate confirming proficiency in Polish as a foreign language issued by Państwowa Komisja do spraw Poświadczania Znajomości Języka Polskiego jako Obcego, at least at C1 language proficiency level
  • hold a valid Polish Card (Karta Polaka) or a decision on establishing Polish origin
  • are a spouse, ascendant or descendant of a citizen of the Republic of Poland living in Poland



Foreigners must indicate they hold a given document in the OAS (online admission system) and attach it.

Students taking up studies free of charge are NOT exempt from fees for additional educational services like repeating classes.

Students taking up paid studies are NOT exempt from fees for additional educational services like repeating classes.


Enrollment fee refund

Refund of enrollment fee is possible only in the following circumstances:

– you overpaid, that is you paid more than the amount due

– the programme you applied for was not open

– you chose not to participate in the admission process before the enrollment deadline for a given programme

– you paid the fee after the enrollment deadline had passed which means you were not included in the admission procedure.

Enrollment fee is not refunded if you were denied admission. Enrollment fee refund is made upon your request filed through the OAS.


Exchange and Short-term mobility Students

Students taking part in a higher education mobility projects supported by the Erasmus+ Programme – whether or not they receive an Erasmus+ EU grant for their participation – are exempted from paying fees for tuition, registration, examinations and access to laboratories.

However, small fees may be charged for costs such as insurance, student unions and the use of miscellaneous material such as photocopies, laboratory products, on the same basis as these are charged to local students.

Incidental fees :

Student Card –  22 PLN

Library Membership – 12 PLN

No enrollment fee for exchange students


Scholarship holders

A foreigner may study at AMU under one of the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) programmes or the Kalinowski Scholarship. This fact should be indicated during registration in the OAS.

Holders of such a scholarship are exempt from paying tuition in accordance with the minister’s decision or NAWA director.

Attention: if a candidate applied for a scholarship but did not obtain it and is not otherwise eligible for studying free of charge, he or she will be obliged to pay tuition.