Applying for a place in a student dormitory is only possible for persons admitted to AMU who have been provided by the University with the data necessary to use USOSweb. In order to complete the electronic application form, you must log in to   USOSweb  system and provide the username (login) and password which you received when logging into the Online Admissions System.

After logging in to USOSweb, select “For All” and go to “Applications”, and then select a pool of places at “Places intended for foreigners’ (Screen 1 – SELECT POOL OF PLACES). As the place of submission, select a Faculty Financial Aid Board accepting applications for a given field of study (Screen 2 – SELECT PLACE OF SUBMISSION). On the next screen (Screen 3 – DATA VERIFICATION) you can check your personal data. Any changes will be visible in the application form after data migration, i.e. the following morning (data migration is done every night).

Screen 4 (DISTANCE FROM PLACE OF RESIDENCE) allows entering the distance of the place of residence from the University principal offices (“Enter the distance of the university from your place of residence …). If you don’t know the distance, you can use Google maps (link “Check distance in Google Maps”).

On Screen 8 (AVAILABLE PLACES) you can check what places are available in your pool of places intended for foreigners and indicate your preferences by rearranging the order of the segments containing the names of Student Dormitories and the standard (type) of places (Screen 9 – PREFERRED STUDENT DORMITORIES).

After completing the electronic form, check if all entered data is correct (Screen 10 – REGISTRATION AND PRINTING OF APPLICATION). Check the data you entered. To do this, select “view application preview”. If you find errors, click “BACK” and correct the entered data, information and preferences.

Submit the application by clicking “REGISTER”.

NOTE: only registered application is treated as submitted!


Information on receiving accommodation in a Student Dormitory and the type of place as well as the duration of accommodation will be provided in the electronic application form after it has been processed (Screen – INFORMATION ON GRANTING/DENYING APPLICATION). After reading this information, acknowledge the acceptance of the allocated place (click “confirm” in the box “Applications that you have started to fill”).

If, for important reasons, you intend to move in after the mandatory move-in deadline (i.e. after October 8), you must enter a specific date in the section “Application data” by which your place is valid (remains allocated to you). After this date your place will be allocated to somebody else.


The start date of students’ move-ins in the academic year 2019/2020 is set for 28 September 2019 (Friday).

The student pays a full price for a place in a Student Dormitory, determined by the University Authorities in consultation the university body of the AMU Student Parliament Parliament. Rates for dormitory places are published annually in the decisions of the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs. You can read the decisions on the University website. The rates are not subject to change during the academic year as they constitute part of the contract made between the University and the student which stipulates the details of student accommodation, including the student’s duties and rights.