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Faculty of Sociology


Faculty of Sociology

The Faculty of Sociology usually associated with one of its most notable graduates, Florian Znaniecki is one of the most respected centres of sociology in Poland.  This famous Polish researcher and professor established Poznan’s school of sociology in 1920 and seven years later introduced it as an independent major in programme of studies of Faculty of Humanities. In 1969 the Institute of Sociology was established and continued its activity within the Faculty of Social Sciences. Institute was transformed into a separate Faculty of Sociology in 2019.

Diverse study offer

The Faculty of Sociology offers regular study programs (in Polish) for Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and Ph.D. Degree in majors:

including specializations for Bachelor Degree:
Culture and media
Market research: marketing and consumer behaviour
Sociology of public sphere

and specializations for Master Degree:
Social innovations
Relationships in organizations
Local management

Social work
including specializations for Master Degree:
Assistantship and social mediation
Organization of social services

Animation of local communities

The study program includes practical workshops in many institutions (e.g. centers for victims of violence, prisons). We offer a variety of lectures in English (AMU PIE) for our international guest students and free-movers.  We also work together with our international partners to provide our staff with access to exchange programs and research visits.

The Erasmus program is a unique opportunity to study at Faculty of Sociology. Applicants who are interested, please contact Mr Filip Schmidt (filip.schmidt@amu.edu.pl) for details.

Faculty coordinators encourage Ph.D. Degree candidates to study in Poznań. They have a possibility of attending courses prepared by the Doctoral School of the Field School of Social Sciences.

There are many meetings and seminars which are offered in English. By clicking the link below, you can find the current list of seminars organised by Local and Regional Communities Research Unit of Faculty of Sociology.

Scientific journals

Faculty members work as authors of many publications, including two scientific journals, published in English.

SOCIETY REGISTER is an international peer reviewed journal that publishes in English empirical, conceptual, and theoretical articles that make substantial contributions to the field in all areas of social sciences including sociology, economics, political science, psychology, cultural studies, education, and social policy. Journal is published in partnership with the Faculty of Sociology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The journal has received honorary patronage of Polish Society of Comparative Pedagogy and Sociological Committee of Poznan Society of Friends of Arts and Sciences.

Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny [Journal of Law, Economics and Sociology]  is a peer-reviewed academic journal which publishes articles in both Polish and English. Its primary goals are to assist researchers in disseminating the results of their research, and to promote the exchange views and ideas within the global scientific community.

Research projects and activity

Faculty publishes weekly internet brochure known as “Soc-info” which informs both in Polish and English about different scientific initiatives, events, conferences and projects.

Faculty members are very active in the field of international and domestic cooperation and like to join research projects. In last years they were involved into:

iTre-es – The impact of institutional framework change on ecosystem services provided by trees/shrubs to local communities

The ANVIL EU project: Analysis of Civil Security Systems in Europe
ANDROID – Academic Network for Disaster Resilience to Optimise Educational Development

There are two student’s science clubs at the Faculty.

The Scientific Association of Sociology Students deals with conducting scientific and research projects implemented within the University and outside of it. Students associated in the Circle have the opportunity to increase their competences and develop interests, not just academic ones. An important element of the Circle’s activity is also organization (and participation) in scientific conferences in the country and abroad.


Another organization, the Scientific Club of Social Work Students is working towards increasing the competence of members, expanding their knowledge of various aspects of social work (that includes meetings with practitioners and expanded learning about the workshop). Members of Club promote social work and learning about its adepts from other cities and universities, which is reflected in initiatives such as “Social Work Week” (special seminar and events in order to promote social work in local communities).


Society Register – AMU

cover issue of Journal of Law Economics and Sociology (source: RPEiS-website)

Scientific Club of Social Work Students (author Sara Barbara Kołtunowicz)

Check the AMU-PIE website, here for short courses offered in English

For more information, please contact:

Wydział Socjologii – Faculty of Sociology

ul. Szamarzewskiego 89 , 61-800 Poznań, Poland
Phone: (+48 61) 829 2109
Website: socjologia.amu.edu.pl


prof. Marcin Poprawski

E-mail: poprawski@amu.edu.pl

Secretary: Ms Joanna Nowaczyńska
Phone: +48 61 829 21 00

e-mail: nowaasia@amu.edu.pl 

Dr Filip Schmidt, e-mail: fschmidt@amu.edu.pl