Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Physics


At present the Faculty of Physics includes the Institute of Acoustics, the Institute Astronomical Observatory, and 19 other Departments dedicated to particular subfields of physics. The Morasko Campus where the Faculty has its prime location also hosts the Echoeless Chamber which apart from its unusual design not allowing any sound to penetrate its walls, also serves as a testing center for manufactured equipment and appliances to measure noise emission levels as described in the EU standards.

Predominant research areas of the Faculty include theoretical and experimental research in the fields of solid-state physics and also atomic, molecular and quantum optics and physics. The NMR, EPR and NQR spectroscopy laboratories and the ultrafast optical spectroscopy laboratory constitute the great potential of the Faculty. It is also interesting to know that already 11 Asteroids were discovered by AMU scientists and named after them!

For many years now, the Faculty of Physics has been offering a wide range of educational programmes. Our fields of study include Physics, Astronomy, Biophysics (Optometry and Molecular Biophysics specializations),  Acoustics (Hearing Prosthesis specialization), Medical Physics, Sound Engineering, Computer Technologies, Applications of the Internet of Things.

At the Faculty level a lot of theoretical, experimental and observational studies are conducted, among others, in the fields of Spintronics, Mesoscopic and Nanomaterial Physics, Soft Matter Physics, Computer Science and Quantum Optics, Condensed Matter Physics, Femtosecond Spectroscopy, Studies of Small Solar System Bodies, and Psychoacoustics. Recently, the Faculty has successfully advanced new areas of research, in particular in the fields of the mesoscopic structures, quantum information science and biophysics.

The Faculty cooperates with numerous academic institutions around the world.  Scientists undergo postdoctoral trainings in various European countries and also in the USA and Japan.  People interested in Astronomy use the facilities of the Astronomical Observatory, located on Słoneczna St., in south-western part of Poznan.

Research conducted there includes  celestial mechanics (the origin and orbital evolution of comets, dynamics of the artificial satellites and space debris), as well as photometry, spectroscopy and asteroid shapes modelling, and stellar astrophysics (photometry and spectroscopy of pulsating and multiple stars).

You will learn more about the AMU Astronomical Observatory by following the link, here.

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