Faculty of English

Faculty of English


With the elevation of the newest Faculty of English (previously the School of English with a 25-year long background and vast resources in teaching and research),  numerous fields of study covering all major English-speaking countries, cultures and societies have become an independent package for students and researchers alike.

There you may find general English, Celtic, Welsh and Dutch studies, followed by a variety of all major English dialects, helping you to understand the cultures of the English-speaking civilizations worldwide.  Students are immersed in the study of civilizations belonging not only to the Commonwealth of Nations (i.e.Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa-just to name the few resembled in the current list of BA/Ma programs), but also in the history, literature, culture and language of the United States of America. For those with special interest in the Far East, there is also an opportunity to choose the English-Chinese Studies.

Graduates of the Faculty of English work as teachers of English as a second language, interpreters, linguists or communication specialists in the media, politics, translation and technology services.  Students participating in the EFL courses are to develop a near-native language competence on all structural and functional levels, including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and pragmatics.

Faculty of English students have access to a well-equipped Internet and multimedia suite. Employees of the Centre for Educational Technologies and Language Processing are experts in the area of IT applications in language studies (e.g. analysis of linguistic databases, computer-assisted foreign language teaching, etc.).

The WAMU Moodle platform is used to support both full-time and part-time courses with elements of e-learning. The School has training labs for teaching pronunciation and simultaneous interpreting.

The ICT Centre provides access to Faculty’s audio-visual resources and equipment, such as CD players, portable TVs, DVD players, laptops, multimedia projectors, and over 700 videos holding British and American feature films. The audio resources comprise more than 700 items featuring a variety of EFL materials. The most popular pronunciation courses are archived in mp3 format. The Centre also authors educational materials based on the latest technologies.

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The Faculty of English is based in two buildings:

  • Collegium Novum – the main building and Dean’s Office of the Faculty of English, al. Niepodległości 4
  • Collegium Heliodori (Święcicki) – ul. Grunwaldzka 6; lecture halls
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Faculty of English Collegium Novum (al.Niepodległości 4)

Faculty of English – lecture hall (al.Niepodległości 4)

Faculty of English Collegium Heliodori (Święcicki), ul. Grunwaldzka 6

Faculty of English library and reading room (al.Niepodległości 4)

Check the AMU-PIE website, here for short courses offered in English

For more information, please contact:

Wydział Anglistyki (Faculty of English)
al. Niepodległości 4
61-874 Poznań, Poland
Phone: (+48 61) 829 3506
Website:   wa.amu.edu.pl/wa/en


Mrs. Magdalena Ratajczak, MA

E-mail: erasmus@wa.amu.edu.pl