Faculty of Educational Studies

Faculty of Educational Studies


The Faculty of Educational Studies of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań continues the best research traditions in this field in Poland. Research projects relate to the contemporary problems of schooling and education which are closely connected to the development of this discipline as a science and pedagogy as a practical social activity.

The Ogrody Campus is made up of two Faculties (Social Sciences and Eduactional Studies).  It is a popular place with both students and staff, as it is located in very green neighbourhood, with excellent public transport links, near some of the more fashionable districts of Poznan – Jeżyce and Grunwald – so it is a cosy and harmonious place which is conducive to sharing knowledge. In the summer semester, some of the classes, at the request of the students, are conducted on lawns, in the shade of trees, in the vicinity of outdoor sculpture installations.


The main directions of teaching and research in the various fields pursued by all the departments of the Faculty of Educational Studies (including the theory of upbringing, history of upbringing, methodology of pedagogy, early school and school pedagogy, sociology of education, comparative pedagogy, special pedagogy, education of adults, lifelong education, artistic education, pedeutology, ecological education, media education and educational technologies, child pedagogy, youth pedagogy, health pedagogy, care and upbringing pedagogy, child psychopathology) contribute to a multi-aspect approach, understanding and interpretation of the most important problems of education of the modern society and the individual who is a part of them. Their accomplishment at the Faculty of Educational Studies gives sufficient background for making diagnoses, discovering relations, facts and describing, explaining and understanding the actual social reality.


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dr Mateusz Marciniak

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