Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Chemistry


The Faculty of Chemistry of composed of 23 departments, 14 laboratories including the Poznań Laboratory of Unique Chemical Equipment and a library.  Currently, it is one of the largest university faculties of this kind Poland and a well-known and dynamically developing research and teaching center in Europe.

in 2012 the Faculty was moved to a new location and now is housed in a modern building on the Morasko campus.  the unique equipment of the classrooms, labs and workshops including numerous patents, licence agreements and implementation thereof significantly contribute to increasing its research potential.

Research pursued by departments and workshops is closely connected with teaching.  students write master’s theses and doctoral dissertations supervised by the faculty reseachers, thus they form a significant part of research carried out at the Faculty.  As a member of the consortium of four European unversities the Faculty also offers SERP-Chem, an international master’s degree program in English.

Collegium Chemicum, photo UAM
Collegium Chemicum, photo UAM
Collegium Chemicum, photo: UAM

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Check the AMU-PIE website, here for short courses offered in English

For more information, please contact:

Wydział Chemii

Umultowska 89b Street, 61-614 Poznań, Poland
Phone: (+48 61) 829 1553
Website: http://www.chemia.amu.edu.pl


dr Iwona Gulaczyk

E-mail: gulai@amu.edu.pl